My story.

My name is Wilma Emanuelsson and I am a 19 year old entrepreneur and offensive cybersecurity specialist from Gothenburg, Sweden.

I am the CEO and founder of a deeptech startup company called iTrack Reading, where we are developing an eye-to-speech solution using eye-tracking to help people with dyslexia to read, as well as make language learning more effective. I am also an inspirational speaker and lecturer on cybersecurity, technological innovation and young entrepreneurship - as well as a certified UNGDRIVE coach, educating and coaching young entrepreneurs in Sweden.

I usually say that my life started when I was 5 years old, maybe because I can’t remember anything from the earlier years, or perhaps because that is when I got my first ever computer.

From that day I immersed myself into this world of technology, I was so fascinated. From my perspective at that age, it felt like magic. I had the possibility to create something from nothing, with resources I thought came from the air and fuelled this box I had in front of me. I could paint without a paint brush, I could play card games without cards, but most importantly, I was now given the power to create.

Since that realization, creating has been the main focus of my life.

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